School Development Plan Priorities

At the Full Governing Body Meeting on 20th September 2016 the Governing Body agreed the following School Develoment Priorities for 2016/17:

Raising Standards

  1. To raise standards in reading in KS1 and KS2
  2. To raise standards in writing across the school particularly Autumn birthdays/boys in EYFS, Autumn birthdays in KS1 and all pupils including disadvantaged in KS2
  3. To continue to raise standards in mathematics across the school
  4. To raise standards in R.E across the school
  5. To increase % of children achieving good level of development in  EYFS

Quality of teaching and learning

  1. To increase the percentage of outstanding lessons and ensure all teaching in every subject is at least  good
  2. To deepen learning and skill development in foundation subjects
  3. To improve EYFS provision through increased moderation between Reception and Raindrops and other local nurseries
  4. To further develop the effectiveness of Learning Support Assistants

Christian distinctiveness , care and well being

  1. To  maintain and improve Christian Distinctiveness
  2. For increased pupil involvement in key aspects of SMSC
  3. To improve engagement with key stakeholders


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