Years 5 and 6 2022 - 2023

Mrs Gallagher

Mrs Gallagher

Class 10 Teacher

Mrs Thompson

Mrs Thompson

Class 9 Teacher

Mrs Rigby

Class 10 teacher

Mr Cox

Mr Cox

Class 8 Teacher

Mr Cox.JPG

Mr A Cox

Year 5 Class 8 Teacher

Mrs L Thompson

Year 5/6 Class 9 Teacher


Mrs L Rigby

Year 6 Class 10 Teacher

(Part time)


Mrs J Gallagher

Year 6 Class 10 Teacher

(Part time)




Mrs G Dowdle

Higher Lever Teaching Assistant

Miss Katy Hegney - Teaching Assistant - 1617393736.jpg 

Miss K Hegney

Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Ashton

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Joanne Kelly - Teaching Assistant - 1492936433.jpg

Mrs J Kelly

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Linda Ratcliffe - Teaching Assistant - 1604113861.jpg

Mrs L Ratcliffe

Teaching Assistant


Class Structures and Year Split

Class 8 contains Year 5 pupils.
Class 9 contains Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.
Class 10 contains Year 6 pupils.

Teaching of English and Mathematics.
In the academic year 2020/21 Year 5 children will be taught maths and English in one group with 3 members of staff.
In the academic year 2020/21 Year 6 wiil be taught maths and English in one group. 

Assessment and Reporting

All children are continually assessed and parents are informed of their child’s progress at Parents Evenings and in a written report at the end of each school year.

In addition children in Year 6 are required to sit National tests in English reading, English grammar, punctuation and spelling and Mathematics. 

Transition to Senior School

At the end of Key Stage 2, Year 6 children leave Primary School.

Most of the children in Year 6 move to Rainford High Technology College. Children visit the school and meet some of the staff and pupils during their time in Year 6 and this makes the children’s transition to their new school much easier.

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Year 5 Crucial Crew, by Mrs Hirst

Father Christmas visit, by Mrs Hirst

Christingle, by Mrs Hirst

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