ADDvantage Solutions - Support for Parents of Children with Additional Needs

We have been given details of a new organisation which aims to support parents of children with certain additional needs. The company is called "ADDvanced Solutions" and their web site explains how parents can contact their team. Please come in to speak to the school SENDCo, Mrs Richardson , if you need any help understanding whether your child would be a candidate for this support. The following information is taken from their site:

"Welcome to ADDvanced Solutions Community Network

Community based learning, coaching and mentoring programmes and health, wellbeing and enrichment activities for families living with Neurodevelopmental conditions.

We aim to equip and empower parents, carers, children and young people with the skills, tools, knowledge and confidence to better recognise, understand and meet the needs of their family.

We support families' pre, during and post diagnosis to find the answers for themselves.

We are a Community Interest Company, not for profit social enterprise developed through consultation and participation of families living with and struggling to cope with the daily challenges of unmanaged and unsupported Neurodevelopmental conditions including autism spectrum disorder, HFA, sensory processing difficulties, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, fragile X, communication difficulties, special educational needs and disability."