Governor Allowances Policy

Rainford C E Primary School

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Governors’ Allowances Policy


Approved by F&R    October 2019

To be reviewed on or before:      Autumn 2022

Status: statutory for all maintained schools

This policy has been written based on information in the DFE non-statutory guidance document ‘The School Governance (Roles, Procedures and Allowances) (England) 2013’.  

Part 6 on this document says:

30. School governors provide a voluntary service, and cannot be paid for their role as a governor. But they can receive out of pocket expenses. This may include reasonable expenses to cover travel costs or child care costs incurred as a result of fulfilling their role as governor. Where the board has a delegated budget, whether to pay allowances and what allowances might reasonably be paid are matters for the board to decide. Where a board does not have a delegated budget, allowances and expenses may be paid by the local authority at a rate determined by them.

 31. Payments can only be paid for expenditure necessarily incurred to enable the person to perform any duty as a governor. This does not include payments to cover loss of earnings for attending meetings. Travel expenses must be at a rate not exceeding the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) approved mileage rates which are changed annually and are on HMRC website. Other expenses should be paid on provision of a receipt and be limited to the amount shown on the receipt.



The governing body of Rainford C E Primary School believes that paying school governor allowances reflects the value that the school places on our governors in the amount of time, energy and sacrifice that they offer to the school.

Objectives and targets

The governing body of Rainford C E Primary School believes that using the specific categories as set out below, we will ensure equality of opportunity to serve as governors for all members of the community and so is an appropriate use of school funds. The specific items allowable reflect this objective.

Criteria and Operation Guidelines

The following criteria will be applied:

  • Governors at our school will not be paid attendance allowance.
  • Governors at our school will not be reimbursed for loss of earnings.
  • All governors at our school will be entitled to claim the actual costs that they incur in carrying out their duties as a governor or representative of the school. Claims may be made for:
  • Childcare or babysitting allowances.
  • Cost of care arrangements for an elderly or dependent relative.
  • The extra costs they incur in performing their duties either because they have special needs or because English is not their first language.
  • The cost of travel to meetings or training courses except meetings or training courses held on school premises. Mileage claims will be paid at the same rate as for school personnel and will not exceed the HMRC agreed rate.
  • Travel and subsistence costs associated with attending national meetings or training events must be agreed by the Chair of Governors prior to booking these events. Governors who wish to attend these events will investigate whether costs can be claimed from the local authority (LA) or any other source prior to approaching the Chair of Governors.
  • Toner and/or Ink Cartridges, photocopying, printing, stationery and postage costs will only be reimbursed if the school office was not available to fulfil these items/services.
  • Any other justifiable allowances will be considered by the Full Governing Body.

Governors intending to claim allowances should ensure that prior approval has been obtained either from the Chair of Governors or the Governing Body as appropriate. The Chair of Governors will inform the Chair of Finance & Resources of any approved claims in writing.

Once prior approval has been received, governors wishing to make claims under these arrangements should complete a claims form obtainable from the School Business Manager or by printing Appendix A. After attaching receipts the form should be returned to the School Business Manager within two weeks of when the expenses were incurred.

Claim forms will be submitted for approval by the Chair of Finance & Resource Committee. The Chair of the Finance & Resource Committee will report all claims to the Finance & Resource Committee at the next meeting. All claims will be subjected to independent audit. Any claim that appears excessive or inconsistent will be referred by the Chair of the Finance & Resources Committee to the Chair of Governors for investigation prior to any payment being made.

Monitoring and Reviewing

This policy will be monitored throughout the year by the Chair of the Finance & Resources Committee (F&R) and reviewed tri-annually by the Finance & Resource Committee. Any payments made will be reported to the next Finance & Resources Committee meeting. The F&R Committee will consider, and act on, any changes that need to be made on the advice of auditors.


APPENDIX A           

Rainford C E Primary School


Name of governor


Address of governor




Date/period expense(s) occurred


Details of actual expenses incurred  



Child care/babysitting expenses



Care arrangements for an elderly or dependent relative



Support for governors with special needs



Support for governors whose first language is not English



Travel to meetings/training courses

Train Fares (2nd Class)


Parking Charges

Taxi Fare



Telephone charges



Toner/Ink Cartridges









Other (please specify)







I claim the sum of £……………… for governor expenses as detailed above. I have attached relevant receipts to support my claim.



Approved for payment by………………………………………………….Chair of Finance & Resources Committee