At Rainford CE, we believe that History should inspire pupils’ curiosity about the past as they gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Through appreciation of the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups, pupils will learn to recognise the importance of commonalities and celebrating differences.


By the end of their time with us, our children will have mastered the stories of our St Helens and Rainford communities and the events that have formed and shaped our locality in order to develop their deep knowledge of, and respect for local history.


Our curriculum will equip children to explain their understanding of change and continuity, similarity and difference, cause and effect, chronology and significance to interpret events and developments across their learning journey from regional to national to international historical events and figures. They will ask and answer challenging historical questions that make links between events, developments, peoples and periods in the past, whilst their ability to investigate, consider, reflect and review events of the past will have enabled a broad and deep understanding.


All Rainford CE pupils will be confident in using historical vocabulary to effectively communicate their ideas and they will select and apply their knowledge and skills from other subjects to further support in drawing their own conclusions and communicate their findings.



Curriculum design


Our 2 year rolling curriculum programme has been specifically planned to develop and build a coherent chronological narrative for pupils. Cross-curricular links have been carefully planned and designed within our long term planning documents, particularly with geography e.g. studying the geography of the United Kingdom alongside the Anglo-Saxon/Viking struggle to reinforce understanding of counties and boundaries. To ensure high quality, historically accurate and sequential planning, we use the Historical Association to support our medium term planning. Within our planning, we have mapped out the main historical concept, abstract terms and historical vocabulary to ensure that they repeated and embedded throughout our curriculum.

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