School Tour

Welcome to Rainford CE Primary School

Rainford CE Primary School has an excellent reputation within the local community as a school where each child is valued, nurtured and inspired to be the best that they can be.  We hope you enjoy your virtual tour around our school.  

Raindrops Preschool

Our Raindrops Preschool opened in September 2014.  It provides a stimulating and caring environment for children to take their first steps in our school. Mrs McVey oversees the Early Years Foundation Stage education at Raindrops whilst Mrs Allman and Miss Preston are the Nursery Assistants who care for the children each day.

Reception - Class 2

Our reception children are usually taught in Class Two. All children have access throughout the reception area. Reception is also known as the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Mrs McVey currently manages this area.

Year One - Class 3

Our Year One children are usually taught either in Class 3 or Class 4. Sometimes Class 3 is a mixed Reception and Year One class.  Children learn through a range of teacher directed or child initiated activites.  

Year One and Year Two - Class 4

Class 4 usually has a mixture of Year One and Year Two pupils.

Year Two - Class 5

Class 5 is usually a Year Two class although sometimes Year One children are also taught here.

Year Three - Class 6

In Year Three children move to Key Stage Two. Class 6 is usually a Year Three class.

Year Three & Year 4- Class 7

Some of our Year Three children are also taught in Class 7. Occasionally this is a mixed Year Three and Year Four class.

Year Four & Year 5- Class 8

Class 8 is usually a Year Four class but sometimes it is a mixed Year 4 and Year 5 class.

Year Five - Class 9

Class 9 is usually a Year Five class although occasionally this is a mixed Year Four and Year Five class or a mixed Year 5 and Year 6 class. 

Year Five and Year Six - Class 10

Class 10 is usually a mixed Year Five and Year Six class although occasionally it is solely a Year 6 class..   

Year Six - Class 11

Year Six children are usually taught in Class 11 although occasionally Class 11 is used for smaller group teaching.