Heart of Glass Art Project

Class: Years 5 and 6 Year: 2020 - 2021

We are delighted that we were invited to partner with the Heart of Glass in a project called ‘The Book of St Helens’ over the past few weeks. Four primary schools have taking part from different parts of St Helens.

The book will be a guidebook inviting people to see St. Helens through the eyes of some of its youngest inhabitants – their favourite streets, the people and things they love and their hopes and fears for its future.

Children in Years 5 and 6 have worked with artists Andy Field and Beckie Darlington to produce artwork and share ideas for the book.

Our children had to think of an object or person that they appreciated from Rainford. Children had to explain their reasons. They then had to create a sculpture to represent the object or person they had chosen. Several children chose Janet as they appreciated her acts of worship, visits to school and also ‘Praise at home’. Lots of our children had relatives who had contributed either to the NHS or the community through lockdown who they created sculptures about. I also really like the flower and flowerpot as one of our children wanted to represent how important Rainford in Bloom was to them.