Our intent is that all children understand and develop the confidence, skills and resilience they need to become articulate and realise their potential. Oracy is a fundamental part of all children’s educational entitlement. We know that extensive exposure to and opportunities to practise oracy skills will enhance children’s outcomes. Our GROW curriculum provides children with opportunities to achieve success, make a positive contribution to the wider world and become aspirational, independent learners who can advocate for themselves and for others.

At Rainford CE we know that an effective spoken language curriculum focusses on the interrelated elements that support effective communication. Our Oracy curriculum is underpinned by the national oracy education charity Voice 21 and enables children to develop the physical, linguistic, cognitive, and social and emotional aspects of effective talk. 

We explicitly teach oracy skills using the Voice 21 toolkit which encompasses 'instigate', 'build', 'probe', challenge', 'clarify' and 'summarise'. Children are given time to practise, refine and apply these skills throughout the curriculum and the school day. Teachers use a range of methods to support and develop children’s oracy skills including modelling the use of correct grammar and Standard English and giving children opportunities to rehearse and improve their talk.

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